Spray Paint Art Lessons- Gerardo Amor’s Famous Mar Azul and Alisa’s New Earthrise

Spray Paint Art Secrets

Sometimes a simple powerful painting is both easier and more effective than a complicated difficult one. I can’t tell you how many times a night of spray painting on the Malecon or boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta was saved by a simple painting called the “Mar Azul” or blue ocean by Gerardo Amor. This painting takes all of 5 minutes to complete and is as simple as can be, yet it sold more reliably than more complicated pieces that took us 20 minutes! (Expert: Alisa Amor)


There is another simple and iconic painting to add to your repertoire courtesy of Spray Paint Art Secrets.

The scene of an earth rise as seen from the moon. You can learn to paint it from the free video. The secret to creating the swirling effects of the clouds on the face of the earth are revealed only to members of Spray Paint Art Secrets on the website in the November 2011 videos.

This can be a wonderful painting to pull out of your hat at a science fiction convention, or as a mural in a science fiction loving kid’s room as well as on the street. I hope it gives you some great ideas. Please share with me what you come up with and enjoy!

I invite you to become a member and get lessons from Gerardo Amor and myself, and in the future others.

If you want to learn how to take your spray paint art to the next level and begin to paint as a professional artist,

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