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Do you want to learn how to paint or to draw ONLINE?
Here is a website chock full of art classes (around 500 of them apparently).

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What I like about the site is that the classes are presented as projects which means after each class you end up with a completed artwork which you can frame and hang up on the wall.

There are classes in all the major mediums like oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors, pencil drawing and soft pastel, but there are also heaps of classes in other mediums which you can use to expand your skill set. I saw classes in pen and ink drawing, line and wash and even lesser know subjects like mixed media and scratch-board drawing.

Almost every subject is covered in all these mediums. Whether you are interested in landscapes, portraits, still life, it’s all there.

The classes are around two hours long each so you set up your canvas or drawing paper and work along to the tutor. If I miss anything or get behind, I just pause the video or rewind as many times as I need until I understand the technique.

I can already see that these lessons are really going to expand my horizons and improve my artworks.

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Click Here: Online Art Classes

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